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Bawcom Student Union

Bawcom Student Union
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Project Cost: 
$30 million
100,000 GSF
Turner Construction

An uncommon aspect of the Campus Master Plan is the pairing of the student union building (SUB) with the football stadium into a single facility.  The two buildings are designed to complement one another, creating a distinctive facility at the heart of the campus activity zone. Student dining areas in the SUB are strategically placed to incorporate views of the stadium interior, and the student union offers an attractive backdrop for the visitor’s side of the stadium.

The student union building focuses first and foremost on student engagement in the campus community. The facility offers an array of opportunities for students to interact and to grow in leadership, service, and faith-informed discernment. The SUB offers state-of-the-art residential dining, retail dining, a bookstore, a post office, recreation and gathering space for students, and prominent areas for student organizations. The projected total square footage for the SUB is about 100,000 square feet.

A band hall will also be incorporated into the SUB/stadium complex. The band hall will provide more than 5,600 square feet of space for the university band; in addition to a large practice hall, the suite will include storage areas for uniforms, instruments, and sheet music.

Capital Campaign - Student Union Building