Student Members - ID Cards

ID Cards

A valid UMHB CruCard must be presented to gain entry and use the Mayborn Campus Center facilities. Mayborn Campus Center staff reserves the right to ask for an additional photo ID at check in, if needed, or to show a photo ID at any time during the visit.

Patrons and current UMHB students are allowed 3 “freebie” entries per semester, meaning entry without their UMHB CruCard, provided the Mayborn Campus Center staff can verify their identity through the Fusion software which will display the user’s photo on the computer screen. The Fusion software will track the number of entries without ID that have been used per semester. Once the three freebies are used, the patron will not be permitted entry. Patrons will only be granted access if they bring their UMHB CruCard from then on. The “freebie” count will reset each new semester. 

Memberships are non-transferable. No one may use someone else’s UMHB CruCard to gain facility access. Unauthorized use of the UMHB ID is strictly prohibited. A UMHB CruCard not belonging to the bearer or of a suspicious nature will be immediately confiscated and the campus police will be notified.

Report missing or lost cards immediately. Lost, stolen or destroyed ID cards will be replaced through the CruCard Office. Replacement UMHB CruCard is $10.00.