Weight/Cardio Room Rules

  • Wipe down equipment after every use
  • Re-rack dumbbells and weight plates after use
  • Use a spotter when necessary
  • If the facility is busy, please keep your cardio time to 30 minutes
  • Horseplay and foul language will not be tolerated
  • Clean tennis shoes and modest clothing must be worn while working out
  • Short spandex shorts are not allowed (Length is at the staffs discretion)
  • Clothing designed to be undergarments are not permitted unless they are under clothing
  • Cut-off shirts with large arm holes are not permitted (measure with a fist under the arm, if skin shows underneath the fist, the hole is too big)
  • No jeans or pants with rivets
  • No food or drink on the work out floor (water bottles or fluid containers with tops are permitted)
  • Please use cubbies for personal items
  • Weights and equipment should not leave the Weight Room
Mayborn Campus Center employees have the right to ask any patron to change into appropriate clothing or exit the premises if they are not abiding by Mayborn Campus Center policies.