Campaign Priorities

Baugh Center for the Visual Arts

$5 million

UMHB’s first facility devoted to the visual arts will include classrooms, faculty offices, studio space, a student lounge, and an art gallery. Patio areas will offer open air spaces for welding and ceramics firings, and an outdoor sculpture garden will complement the facility.

Isabelle Rutherford Meyer Nursing Education Center

$20 million

The Scott and White College of Nursing’s new home will include clinical labs, practice exam rooms, classrooms, faculty offices, and support spaces totaling 76,100 square feet.  State-of-the-art technology will play an important role in this building, with video cameras recording learning activities in simulated healthcare settings.

Student Union Building

$30 million

The three-story student center will offer facilities for residential and retail dining and a wide range of student activities within easy walking distance of all campus dormitories and apartments. The center will include a bookstore, a band hall, and a multi-purpose banquet hall.

Football Stadium

$20 million

The 8,000-seat stadium will provide an on-campus venue for Crusader football for the first time in the history of the program.  The unique design of the stadium uses the back of the new student union building as a backdrop for the visitor stands, integrating the athletic field into the activities of the student center.

Performing Arts Center

$15 million

UMHB’s new center for the performing arts will include a 600-to-800-seat auditorium, a proscenium stage with fly space for scenery, and support areas for productions.  The center will provide a much-needed space on campus for musical and theatrical productions which can be enjoyed by faculty, staff, and students as well as visitors from surrounding communities.

Scholarships and Endowments

$10 million

As enrollments increase, the need for scholarships grows. Gifts to endowed and annual scholarships will insure that the UMHB experience remains an affordable one for all students.
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