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“When I was a sophomore, I was graced with the privilege of being invited to serve as a university host/ambassador for Student Foundation. 2 years later - I’ve had the honor to serve as the President. I have grown so much throughout my time here at UMHB -- I thank the Lord everyday for the amazing opportunities He has blessed me with. I love and rely on my StuFo family - they're my inspiration.” @krystougher God has changed my life through UMHB -- how is he changing yours? #umhb #myumhb #umhb170 #gocru
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"Every year Student Foundation puts on a education event to uphold the history and legacy of UMHB. Reflection 170 - is a celebration of the 170 years of leadership, faith and tradition at UMHB. Join us on the first floor of the Bawcom Student Union, today for FREE ice cream, floats, and FUN.” @krystougher #umhb #myumhb #umhb170 #gocru
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Never a dull moment with L. A. ✌️
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“What you will find at UMHB No. 2 - Discipleship Easter Pageant represents the ideas and values of UMHB. This treasured tradition is a testimony of our faith and the Lord's goodness and grace. I love sitting and watching my brothers and sisters in Christ form discipleship.” @krystougher 76th Easter Pageant -- April 1 | Luther Memorial | 12:30, 3:00, 5:30 Share with us what you have gained from your UMHB experience. #umhb #myumhb #gocru #umhbep76
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Less than 2 weeks away!😍❤️🙈 #umhbrevival15 #revival #umhb #HolySpiritYouAreWelcomeHere
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So so incredibly blessed and excited to begin my journey with the UMHB women's soccer team! I've learned so much about this life by having a ball at my feet, and I'm unbelievably thankful that I get to continue that for a bit longer. I know I still have so much farther to go, with so much more knowledge to gain but in the end, working towards a goal even through harsh struggles makes the end result so much more rewarding. I've been told way too many times that my soccer career was over. Not good enough, always hurt, too fragile. That has never held me back and this just proves every negative thought I've had toward myself is wrong. God has done some amazing work within me in the last year. And now I get to share that by participating at the next level in the sport that has always been so much more than that for me, teaching me life lessons I otherwise would have ignorantly passed over. 💜💛⚽️ #GoCru #UMHB
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“What you will find at UMHB No. 1 - Servant Leadership This is Alec and Lauren. They are incredible. I can’t imagine UMHB without them. We have gone through a lot together. They are such an inspiration to me and the people they encounter daily. I can’t tell you how much they give of themselves to others. They are a true testament of servant leadership.” @krystougher Share with us who has impacted your life in a positive way during your UMHB experience. #umhb #myumhb #gocru
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