Photo by katie_bone
Love love loving our clinicals! #UMHB #S2 @randi_raee
Photo by umhb
"I am in the presence of some dedicated S2 level nursing students. Today, this post goes out to all future nurses of UMHB. Congrats to those graduating this May and to the students still working hard through the program, you'll be finished before you know it." @laurentheodore
Photo by manda3rae
Nursing school, where your classmates become family. #N1 #UMHB #scottandwhite #5N #clinicals #orientation
Photo by thanhduong90
I'm no photographer but I'm pretty darn proud of this one for some reason. Loving my job more and more every day! Shout out to @ryanfrusha for letting me borrow your ring! I swear I'll get it back to you in one piece! 😊 #UMHB #GoCru
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