Quality Enhancement Plan


Why is UMHB going through the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) process?

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requires that institutions complete the QEP as part of the reaffirmation process.  UMHB’s reaffirmation is scheduled for 2014.

So what is a QEP?

The QEP is a plan to enhance student learning and/or the environment that supports student learning.

Who leads the QEP process?

The QEP process is led by a group of campus faculty, staff and students.

What is the focus of the UMHB QEP?

The focus of the UMHB QEP will be on improving student writing.  This will be accomplished through various writing strategies which will begin in freshman composition courses and continue through your academic career in what the QEP call discipline-specific writing emphasis courses.  These courses will be in your degree path, preferably in your major.

What are the goals of the QEP?

There are two goals of the QEP.  They are:
1)  Students will develop strong foundational writing skills.
2)  Students will improve discipline-specific writing.

What is the writing center?

The writing center is one of the strategies that the QEP will utilize.  The writing center will be staffed by a director and peer tutors. Students will be able to utilize the writing center for the various styles of writing they will encounter during the freshman year along with the types of writing used in their particular disciplines.

How will faculty be involved?

Faculty will have the opportunity to function as a faculty liaison between their respective departments and the writing center.  They will be the "bridge" between the writing center, students, and faculty members teaching writing emphasis (WE) courses. 

Will I have to go to the Writing Center?


What is a pre-proposal?

A pre-proposal is a short (1-2 page) document which provides a short description of an idea that can be backed up with data and has the potential to impact student learning at UMHB.  Pre-proposals can be submitted at www.umhb.edu/qep using the online form.  In addition, a scoring rubric can be found on the same site.  This scoring rubric will be used to evaluate pre-proposals.

How do I know what a good idea for a pre-proposal would be – are there any idea guidelines?

There are 6 themes that came out of the UMHB learning community survey.  Pre-proposals must align with one of those themes to be considered.  To find the list of themes, go to http://www.umhb.edu/qep/pre-proposal-guidelines and scroll down.

How many pre-proposals will be developed into full proposals?

Up to seven (7) pre-proposals, as determined by the scoring rubric, will have the opportunity to be developed into full proposals. 

If I work with others in developing a pre-proposal, and we are asked to write a full proposal, will each of us earn $1,000?

No, a total of $1,000 will be awarded to each full proposal that is submitted and meets criteria outlined in the full proposal guidelines.  It will be up to each team of people to determine how the funds will be distributed.  The $1,000 award will be subject to all applicable taxes.

If I am asked to submit a full proposal, will I have to be part of the group that implements the proposal if it is chosen as the final topic at UMHB?

While you will not be required to be part of the implementation team, you will be encouraged to be part of the process as it is your idea and you have knowledge of what would need to be implemented.