Quality Enhancement Plan

Final QEP Topic Proposals

The selected QEP Topic Recommendation is a combination of the following proposals

Crusaders Can Write:  Implementation of a Campus Writing Lab

Dr. Judy Trotti

Students enrolling at Mary Hardin-Baylor are required to submit a writing sample or score from college entry exams, but the scores are not used for remediation purposes.  A writing lab could provide a proactive support for students who enter UMHB with a need for writing development.  Weekly appointments should be mandatory for new students with a deficient score.  The writing lab could assist other students who need assistance in writing as suggested by a professor or as deemed a need/desire by the student.  This may include graduate students who need assistance with thesis and dissertation writing.  The lab should be directed by an expert who supervises hiring of part-time staff.  An expert should supervise the writing lab and be responsible for hiring part-time tutors who work one-on-one with students.  Appropriate tools including technology applications should be available for tutors and students.

Writing Intensive Program

Dr. Jacky Dumas

In order to meet the goals of our mission as well as address a lack of student preparedness, I propose that the Quality Enhancement Plan institute writing-intensive curricula supported by university-wide writing center.  In this program, each student will take four writing intensive courses as a requirement to graduate.  At least one of the courses must be at a 3000-level or above (preferably in their major).  As a support, a Writing Center will not only provide equipment and resources to improve writing but also personnel who have expertise in various fields/disciplines.  In conjunction with training faculty in best practices concerning writing and critical thinking, a Writing Center would also help design the Writing Intensive Program as well as spearhead a university-wide assessment in order to measure the effectiveness of the program.  In conclusion, a University-wide writing curriculum supported by a Writing Center is imperative for improving student learning.