Quality Enhancement Plan

Full Proposal Guidelines

QEP Full Proposal Guidelines

The following outline will guide proposers and set parameters for the format of the proposal.

Section 1:  Front Matter (2 pages)

  1. Identification and Contact information page
    1. Title of proposal
    2. Names, titles, departments, and contact information for principal authors
  2. Abstract
    1. No more than 250 words
    2. Summarize the problem, purpose, and proposed components of the QEP.

Section 2: Main Body of the Proposal (Not to Exceed 7 pages)

  1. Issues
    1. Define the problem or needs that the QEP addresses. Include a review of recent, relevant literature.
    2. Establish the need.

                                  i.      Provide evidence to document the existence and scope of the problem or needs. Refer to UMHB’s strategic plan, core curriculum, mission or other resources or studies relevant to issues in higher education. The IR office may be able to assist.

                                  ii.      Describe existing UMHB efforts, if any, to address the problem or need.

  1. Learning Outcomes and Related Evidence
    1. Provide relevant and specific student learning outcomes that would be achieved by your QEP. Both direct and indirect measures are appropriate but direct measures are required.

                                    i.      How will your QEP improve student learning or the learning environment? What will students by expected to know or be able to do as a result of this project?

  1. The Purpose and Plan of Action
    1. State how your QEP will address the problem/ need identified in 3.b above.
    2. State what will be done in your QEP.

                                 i.      What are the major parts of the QEP?

                               ii.      Who will be responsible for various actions – individual programs, units and so forth?

                                iii.      What are the relationships between the different parts of the QEP and the learning outcomes identified in 5.a? How do the parts mesh?

                                 iv.      Provide evidence (such as citations to relevant literature or best-practice models) and arguments to show that the components and actions proposed will promote the achievement of the identified student learning outcomes

  1. Present the main components involved in your QEP and the sequence in which those would unfold. A succinct timeline would be appropriate.

Section 3: Assessment (Not to Exceed 3 pages)

(Members of the IQ Council are in charge of academic assessment on campus and are great resources. If you need more information about the assessment process please contact a member of the IQ Council.)

  1. Means of Assessment
    1. Explain how you would assess the student learning outcomes identified in 4.a.

                            i.      What evidence could be collected to document outcomes?

                            ii.      How would we collect the evidence and perform the assessments?

                            iii.      How would we respond to findings and adjust components/actions/outcomes accordingly?

  1. Summary
    1. Bring all features of your proposals together in a short concluding section

Section 4: Resources and Organization (Supporting Materials – Not to exceed 4 pages)

  1. Organization
    1. Organizational chart if needed
  2. Budget Justification
    1. Provide a description of major elements of your proposal budget. Include estimates of cost for major categories/items, with some brief explanation of how you arrived at these estimates. Focus on presenting justification for major areas of expenditure.
    2. Use this section to describe what funding is needed and why.
    3. Some areas you might consider addressing:

                            i.      Personnel

                           ii.      Supplies

                      iii.      Equipment

                      iv.      Travel

                        v.      Software

                        vi.      Faculty /Staff Development

                        vii.      Consulting

  1. Bibliography
    1. List the leading sources upon which your QEP proposal rests.
    2. As stated below, references and bibliography should be presented in the style used in the discipline of the principal author(s). 

Section 5: Submission Procedure


You must adhere to page limitations as given in the above outline. The proposal must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.  The main body of the proposal must be double spaced with one inch margins and a 12 point font size. The front matter and supporting materials should use logical formatting for the requirements of the section – you might, for example, use an organizational chart to depict graphically the proposed organization of your QEP. In no case shall a font size smaller than 10 point be used in any diagram or table in the supporting material. The bibliography must be single spaced with one inch margins and 12 point font.  References and bibliographic entries should be presented in the style used in the discipline of the principal author(s).

 Your proposal must be submitted by e-mail attachment to

Dr. Chrisann Merriman Chrisann.merriman@umhb.edu) no later than 12:00 midnight on June 1, 2012.

 Any questions that you have regarding proposals should be directed to Brian Brabham at

bbrabham@umhb.edu or 254-295-4194.