Quality Enhancement Plan


QEP Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2013

Members Present:  Trotti, Harden, Taylor, Dumas, Coley, Bonner, Cooper, Brabham, Wood, Norell.

Marketing and promoting the QEP on campus

  • Budget—we have about $15,000 in budget for this. 
  • Ideas—Taylor & Harden met before this meeting to discuss marketing & promotion.
    • posters & table tents in the SUB
      • pens/pencils (distribute at faculty assembly; could it look like the pen on the logo?
    • short video, using writing center graphics from architects
    • lots of t-shirts; use freshmen seminar to get logo visible on campus;  hand out some free by raffling them off in freshmen seminar; maybe ~200 to freshman seminar.  Some sources:
      • Sports World -- downtown Temple
      • H&H printing
    • SUB opens end of November; we could put popup signs & banners
    • promotional tailgate party at some of the football games
    • QEP day done by student organization in the spring
      • first few days (6 weeks) of spring really drive it home
      • SACS coming Feb 24-26th
    • detailed description of all the pieces of the draft to the faculty and staff
    • all-campus forums – general forums for faculty & students.  Explain goals/strategies.  Let them know in general what will be covered ahead of time so they come ready with some questions.  Could have some dedicated time in faculty assembly?  We don't want faculty to say it is just a writing center.
      • snacks would enhance this
      • ask SGA to push it
      • need to do this in October
      • spaces available for these (last 2 weeks in Oct)
      • schedule places/times
    • yard signs with logo and both goals
    • monitors-- logos with goals on big board at games with t-shirt launcher
    • parents/preview weekend exposure?
  • Logo update – We had 749 responses to our logo survey. Logo #2 won.

Assessment plan for
IQ Council
-- we can give the QEP assessment plan as it now stands to the IQ Council and see what they think.  Perhaps they can smooth things out for us.  Ask them to give it a once-over.

QEP Draft review
The committee needs to go look at the document and send an email to Brabham with any changes.  Then he will send it to one person on the committee to make the changes.  We need to be looking for

  • Portions that need “smoothing”
  • Checking for any errors
  • Goals, procedures, assessment, outcomes

Other items of

  • The QEP document needs to be finalized for reviewers by Dec 1st so it can be bound.
  • We need to take QEP apart so each of us can speak directly to a part when the reviewers come on campus.  So need a strategy meeting for the site visit team.
  • Discipline-specific goals (Coley, Dumas)—They came up with 5 SLOs for goal #2:

In addition to the foundational SLOs in Goal #1, at an overall acceptable standard as designated by each program’s discipline-specific rubric, student will

  1. utilize the writing process (prewriting, composition, revision, editing, and presentation).
  2. produce purpose-driven writing specific to the discipline.
  3. respond to audiences appropriate to the discipline.
  4. utilize stylistic conventions appropriate to the discipline.
  5. actively practice writing skills and tasks required in their professions.

 How will we assess all 5 of these?  Jacky says it is in the document already.  Each program will come up with own discipline-specific outcomes.  Make sure the programs know this when we start informing them of their part to play in the QEP.

  • We also need a list of strategies for goal #1.

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Kathleen Wood