Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Executive Summary


UMHB’s QEP was developed over the course of two years through a collaborative, institutional process. Faculty, staff and students sought input from a wide range of stakeholders and reviewed campus data to ensure the topic aimed to enhance an important aspect of student learning at UMHB based on key issues emerging from institutional assessment.

From this process, UMHB’s QEP, titled The Writing Cru emerged. The mission of The Writing Cru is to equip students with the skills necessary for effective written communication and features the following goals.

              Goal #1 – Students will develop strong foundational writing skills.

              Goal #2 – Students will improve discipline-specific writing.

The Writing Cru closely aligns with our university mission, strategic plan and recently implemented core curriculum and focuses on specific student learning outcomes related to each goal.

Hallmarks of the plan include implementation strategies aimed at providing interventions at key points during a student’s learning path from the time they begin as a freshman until they complete their studies in their chosen discipline. These strategies represent a focus on the environment supporting student learning. A combination of common writing assistance in freshman-level English courses, writing center support and discipline-specific writing-emphasis courses will ensure the goals of The Writing Cru are met.

Assessments are aimed at gauging student progress at key points. Common rubrics will be used to pre- and post-test within freshman English courses. The ETS proficiency profile will gauge writing performance as students complete general education courses and enter specific disciplines. Discipline-specific rubrics will then be used within the various disciplines as students enter junior and senior status.

The Writing Cru will transform our campus. While students enhance their writing skills, faculty will build new competencies in teaching writing from a discipline-specific perspective. Students, faculty and staff will join together as writing is enhanced along the continuum of each student’s academic career at UMHB. To ensure we have the capability to initiate and complete the plan, resource needs were carefully considered, approved by the university’s administration and a detailed timeline developed.