Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 01/09/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
January 09, 2012

Members Attending:  Dr. Brian Brabham, Dr. Lem Taylor, Dr. Chrisann Merriman, Dr. Kathy Wood, Dr. Jacky Dumas, Dr. Hollie Stanton, Dr. Christie Bledsoe, Jeff Sutton, Kathy Harden, Dr. Trent Terrell, Dr. Barbara Dalby, Dr. Tammi Cooper, Dr. Kerry Owens, and Dr. David Chrisman, Dr. Joey Tabarlet, Dr. Janene Lewis.

  • New timelinefor preproposals and proposals:  Brian went over the new timeline
    • March 1 – preproposals  are due
    • March 15 – select preproposals for full proposals
    • May 1 – full proposals due
    • Aug 10 – Final QEP topic selected
    • Aug 14 – in fall Faculty Assembly meeting announce the winning QEP
  • Getting the word out about pre-proposals and educating the campus– especially need to do this with students.  We sent out an email to students before Christmas break.
    • Students
      • Table tents in the sub with QR codes.  Students are using it.  Kathy Hardin will make more tents for the sub.
      • T-Shirts?  (Perhaps toward the end of the QEP process when we have more funds.)
      • Ask SGA to submit a proposal or two.  Perhaps go to them with topics that faculty are thinking of developing to stimulate student involvement.
      • The question came up as to whether we need to spend much time on this with the students.  Cooper said it might look better down the road if we have done that.
      • Hollie & Jeff might be good student connectors.  They agreed.
    • Staff – Hollie is on the Staff Council – she will be able to promote this with the staff.
    • All – Brian will send another email to staff/faulty/students to remind them of this opportunity.  If any staff or student is willing to work with a faculty member, the email will ask them to let us know.
  • Full proposal guidelines – Trent’s group with Cliffa and Hollie is handling the writing of this.  Deadline??
  • Website – Chrisann needs content.  Sample QEP’s can be taken off the Mississippi College site.  Easy to get FAQ’s as well.
  • Scoring Team– Brian asked who among the QEP committee members was NOT planning to write a pre-proposal.  Of those who were not planning to do one, Christi Bledsoe volunteered to chair the scoring team once the pre-proposals come in.  Joey Taberlet and Kerry Owens may help as well.  Hollie Stanton will be the staff rep on the scoring team and we can ask Kassidy or Abby to be a student rep on the scoring team.
    • We need to check to see if we can have web submission of pre-proposals.
  • Writing Team to write campus education piece – we need to write sections as we progress.  Wood volunteered to do the main writing.  The rest of the writing team would include Christie Bledsoe, Chrisann Merriman, Brian Brabham, and Janene Lewis, and perhaps others that can help flesh out the process we’ve gone through so far. 


Submitted by Kathleen Wood