Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 01/17/2014

QEP Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2014

  1. Campus education efforts 
    1. Chapel on Jan. 29th—we need assistance with passing out t-shirts at 10:00 and 11:00.  At end of Fall 2013 t-shirts were a big hit.  New shirts have the same design but are purple.  Have 200 to hand out.  Handing out Mr. Pencil flyers which will allow that student to turn in the flyer for a t-shirt.  We will also hand out QEP cuzzis and chapstick.
    2. Valentines Day shirt distribution -- Booth with set up in new sub if it is open. 
      Announce this through student life.  Will be a week before SACS arrives. 
      What else can we associate with this? How many students can we reach on Friday? What if we do this on Wednesday in current SUB instead of Friday? 
      Order chocolate bars with QEP custom wrappers or custom M&M's. Pass
      these out in several spots on campus. Get small size.  Get lots of exposure for little effort. Money/coupon booth where sntch as much as can in so much time.  How can we get students involved?
    3. Incentive to wear shirt one of the days SACs is here.  All of committee hand out Chick Filet coupons (maybe 20 each) and take photo.  "Do you know what QEP is?"  Tweet the photo.  Set up blog, and times for us to go out for 45 minutes to walk around.
    4. Yard signs with goals, logo, etc around campus.
    5. Mention to classes, department meetings, on TV screens.
  2. Preparing for the SACS visit
    1. February 25, 26, 27
    2. Cooper handed out list of who is on the SACS team.
    3. How it works: team wants presentation overview from us on one day and come back on 2nd day to ask Q.  Don’t know their daily schedule yet but will tell us when she gets it.
    4. We should have a couple of UMHB people read our SACS QEP report and come ask questions of us.  A test run that will ready us for questions.  She will find a faculty and dean to read it and come give an objective Q&A.
    5. Have different committee members become very familiar with information on different questions?  Send BB  1st & 2nd choices.
    6. On Thursday (27th, early, b/c they will fly out at noon) will be at the Hilton Garden Inn to give us their exit interview.  Wednesday morning -- not sure what their plans are yet.
    7. Official job description -- we need to mke an official job description.  Tobey &
      Jacky will work with Dr. Oldham on this.
  3. Other items of discussion
    1. How will this committee continue?  Are we part of the search committee for the
      director?  We will reconvene after the visit and decide that.
    2. We will decide the next mtg after the readers read through our report.

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