Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 03/11/2013

QEP Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2013

Dr. Oldham, Dr. Cooper, and Dr. Mynatt joined the committee for this meeting to give feedback on the first draft of the QEP document:

  • There should be a scaffolding statement before Goal 2
  • Should tie the discipline-specific outcome to the HERI survey need
  • Reporting structure – why report to IQ Council?  Should the WC director serve on the IQ Council?
  • Number of staff – director and 4 FT staff?
  • Q – How many students will be going to the WC the 1styear”
    • 45-80/week (Coley)
    • ENGL 1312 – 630 sessions/semester
    • ENGL 1321 – 20 sections/semester at 24 students each = 440 students
    • Writing Emphasis = 15 students/course
    • This adds up to around 200 students/week or 2580 sessions per ~13 weeks.  This does not include walk-in traffic.  Each session is about 30-45 minutes each.
    • We are budgeting ~140 hours/week for peer tutors.
    • This also does not include the time spent working with faculty in their courses.
    • Q – are required visits to WC affecting even adjuncts?  Yes.
    • Transfer students – 1/3 of freshmen and 63% of our students.  We will hit the transfer students in the gap assessment and WE courses.
    • We are not tracking individual students.  The data is a collective.
    • NOTE:  At Hardin-Simmons, there is a barrier exam with writing for juniors. 

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Kathleen Wood