Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 03/19/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2012

Members Present:  Dr. Brian Brabham, Dr. Lem Taylor, Dr. Chrisann Merriman, Dr. Kathy Wood, Hollie Stanton, Dr. Christie Bledsoe, Jeff Sutton, Kathy Harden, Dr. Trent Terrell, Dr. Barbara Dalby, Dr. Tammi Cooper, Dr. Joey Tabarlet, Dr. Kris Ward.

Committee discussed the 7 pre-proposals chosen out of the 36 submitted – the UMHB7 – by the pre-preposal scoring subcommittee.

  • All the original themes were represented in the 36 submissions.  Several of them were writing or speaking pre-proposals.  Several on retention but no student learning outcome attached to that.  7-8 of them were not QEP material.
  • Two of the pre-proposals were similar.  From a QEP standpoint we want the best.  We are going to ask all 7 to prepare full proposals.  We discussed how we would handle the situation if we decided to combine aspects of both the two similar full proposals – could both win?
  • We decided to NOT ask them to merge at this time and allow both to develop full proposals.
  • The final topic chosen will probably be modified by the implementation committee.
  • A meeting will be called for those chosen to proceed with full-proposal development.
  • Hollie will send full proposal scoring rubric to us.
  • Tammi will look into intellectual property disclaimer.

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Kathleen Wood