Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 03/25/2013

QEP Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2013

We discussed specific points within the first draft of the QEP document for SACS:

  • Staffing:  what would be the estimated hours/week of consulting for a WAC director, a WC director, and 2 consultants?  Our estimate is 10 hours/week for each.  The new plan only has one person filling the WAC/WC director position but we think it will take 2:
    • 1 WAC/WC director [12-month] -- would also consult for technical writing.
    • 2 consultants (humanities & sciences) [10-month]
    • 7 peer assistant consultants [9-month]
    • Trafficin writing center:
      • Regular rhetoric & composition classes on “as needed” basis
      • Developmental English – WC would be used once a particular writing assignment is made (there are currently 90 students in developmental writing).  Estimate 1 visit/2 weeks per student.
      • We estimate 21 writing emphasis courses with 2 visits /student.
      • Writing Center would offer workshops weekly for different programs that needed them.
      • Total traffic:  ~2500/semester; ~200 sessions/week; ~40 students/day.  Doesn't include walk-in traffic.  (2 other writing centers on similar size or smaller campuses report 1700-2000 students per semester using the center.)


  • Q.  What can we phase in year by year?  We need consultants as soon as WC is on line.  If WC opens Dec. 2014, WC director should come online by summer 2014.  If can hire WAC director, that should be summer 2015.
  • We discussed the wage/benefit packages on the 12 month & 10 month charts and clarified the totals.
  • Next draft of QEP document due to Dr. Cooper on May 1st, 2013.
  • Next QEP meeting  is April 8, 2013.

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Kathleen Wood