Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 09/09/2013

QEP Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2013

Members Present:  Merriman, Harden, Brabham, Dumas, Trotti, Taylor, Colby, Bonner, Wood, Norrell.

Review of SACS VP recommendations – Brabham handed out notes taken at the summer meeting with the SACS rep.  The draft and plan look very good.

  • Simplify goals
  • Have clear data collection methods
  • Consider piloting part of the QEP (at English introductory level) this year – we are already doing this.  Can consider this year 0 data.
  • Have discussions with departments this year about definition of writing.  Brabham will inform staff as well.
  • Maintain momentum this year.
  • Spell out in writing how we will deal with transfer students.
  • Proposal approval process for WE courses?  We would like the WC director to head that up.
  • Be able to answer questions as to type of writing addressed by departmental rubrics.  Not all writing is the same across the campus.
  • Be clear about what we are doing, what we want the departments to do, what we are going to measure?
  • Double check the document bibliography references.
  • Update document to say “in the degree path” instead of “in the major”.
  • Make sure website is up-to-date.

Marketing of our QEP on campus – we need to get the logo out there.  Some of the ones submitted were not approved because they looked too much like other UMHB logos.  We need ONE logo.  We discussed the best way to inform students and then decided to use Qualtrics to let them vote for one of the top 3.  We as a committee will decide which 3 will be in the running.

Set future meeting dates – we decided on every other week on Monday 2:30-3:30.

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Kathleen Wood