Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 09/10/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2012

Present:  Katie Bonner, Toby Coley, Tammi Cooper, Lem Taylor, Kathy Hardin, Judy Trotti, Chrisann Merriman, Brian Brabham, Kathy Wood

  • Judy talked about her proposal.  Jacky Dumas was not present to talk about his.
  • Cooper:
    • What is the question we are trying to answer?  What improvements are we looking for?  What does the data say?
    • What SLOs are we going to focus on and assess?
    • Then we can plug in the techniques we plan to use to get there.
    • Alverno College – had their QEP starting in the freshman seminar
    • How do we teach the writing process?  What is our need?  Our students don’t progress at same rates as other schools’ students in general writing skills.
    • The CLA data shows a need and we will give the ETS proficiency test this year as well.
    • What is the scope of what we want to do?
    • We need a common understanding on the writing process or we’ll have a writing center process, English process, etc.  Everyone will be teaching a different way of doing things.  Must be agreement of all involved. Common rubrics.  Need this kind of detail in QEP.
    • We need to do 3 things:  define the scope of our QEP (our focus à is it to improve general writing or go all the way through discipline-specific writing?) ; How do we define writing on campus; best tool to assess this
    • Could we use currently established rubrics from English and Education?
  • Coley
    • Two theories:  inoculation theory ( inoculated with comp the 1st year) & abolition theory ( just abolish comp)
    • Hire an assessment professional to base assessment on local needs.  They help professional development part of the plan to come up with a dynamic rubric.
  • Timelines:  reaffirmation report due Sep 2013; QEP plan due Dec 2013.