Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes -10/18/2011

QEP Meeting Minutes

Brian Brabham, Kathy Wood, Jeff Sutton, Hollie Stanton, Kassidy Harris-SGA, Mitch Goodwin-SGA, Christie Bledsoe, Lem Taylor, Joey Tabarlet, Kris Ward, Cliffa Foster, Jackie Dumas, David Chrisman, Kerry Owens, Chrisann Merriman, Barbara Dalby, Janene Lewis, Trent Terrell, and Tammi Cooper

Meeting began with updates from various teams. 
Lem Taylor-Education Team-Posters have gone up, video almost ready, second poster in work to advertise idea survey.   We need to make sure that the word gets out about idea submission, etc. 

Cliffa Foster-Pre-Proposal-discussion of what is feasible, scoring system, impact statement to be moved to beginning of pre-proposal scoring sheet.  What do we mean by exemplary?  
Discussion of timeline in regards to pre-proposal.  Pre-proposal was not originally built into timeline.

Chrisann Merriman-Web Site-under development with IT.  Will look similar to that done by Mississippi College.  Survey Monkey can be put into place very easily for idea submission.  Brian Brabham will work with Chrisann to get Survey Monkey ready for idea submission. 

Janene Lewis-Data Team-Analysis revealed weakness in Math and Writing.  Math tutor requests outnumbered all.  Janene gave review of various surveys done on campus including CLA and Faculty Surveys.  We need to make sure that we remember data in our decision making process.  QEP topic must be in line with what our data is telling us.

Discussion then focused on “carrot” for ideas, pre-proposals, and proposals.  We will need to visit with admin about $$ compensation for various stages.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20. 

Next meeting date:  11/1/2011
Topics to be addressed
1)  Timeline adjustment
2)  $$ for final pre-proposal and proposal
3)  Getting the word out to students, etc.
4)  Digging deeper into our data