Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes -10/22/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2012

Members present:  Bonner, Coley, Taylor, Brabham, Harden, Merriman, Dumas, Trotti, Wood, Sarah Norrell and Jacquelyn Jackson.

  • Discussion of SLOs and Assessment
    • Hardin provided a definition of  a student learning outcome from SACS-- "measurable skills, knowledge, behaviors, values, and attitudes of the learner as a result of the learner’s engagement in a learning activity."  
    • We have the “What” of our QEP proposal -- a Writing Center and WAC/WE.  We still need to determine the who, what, and when.  We can use our assessment pieces to drive that process.  We can create the tools to meet our SLOs and goals.
    • Brabham went through both proposals (Dumas & Trotti) and pulled out the SLOs from each.  This was handed out to the committee to talk through (see attachment).
      • We went through this table, commenting on each SLO & assessment.
      • Target must be both remedial & nonremedial students.
      • Hardin Simmons has writing proficiency test their junior year.  But we don’t want the English department faculty determining who graduates so we need to have the WC or outsiders do this evaluation. 
      • We could do an initial writing test through Freshman Seminar.  A timed test was suggested but Coley said the literature says this is not good.  It is better to draw on writing samples such as through Freshman Seminar &/or ePortfolio sample.  Both could be scored against a common rubric.
      • Do we want discipline-specific rubric attached to the rubric Dumas handed out?
      • What are the stages of concern with our professors to get buy-in?  Trotti suggested to let them give input to the WC director.
      • There is lots of transfer in of Comp I & II.  Data on how these students do on writing would be interesting.  How do other schools handle this?
      • Brabham timeline (Activity/Action and Assessment) – we looked at this very briefly but did not discuss it at all.  (See attachments for additional handouts by Brabham.)