Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 11/05/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2012
4:00 PM Provost’s Conference Room

Members present:  Coley, Taylor, Brabham, Harden, Merriman, Dumas, Trotti, Wood, Sarah Norrell and Jacquelyn Jackson.

  •  Overview of meeting with Dr. Oldham in regard to WC space– Brabham drew floor plan of second floor portion of Mabee that the QEP would share with CAE according to Oldham.  This is significantly smaller than the Dumas floor plan proposal and the consensus was that it might be too small to do what the QEP was being designed to do.
    • Trotti brought up that we are estimating that the writing center would be used extensively on a daily and weekly basis and that this floor plan might not accommodate that level of use.  We think the configuration is too tight to fit us.  Coley estimated that our appointment # for a year would be between 1200 and 1500 at 35 minutes per appointment based on what ACU and another university found. 
    • There is a sense of frustration within the committee that perhaps this QEP won’t be supported adequately.  Also, with the CAE mixed into the same space, this goes against our original proposal to separate the two so that no hint of remediation be attached to the writing center.   Since SACS has said to not short-change our needs for whatever QEP we decide on, we feel like this may well be doing that.
    • Some other questions:  does there need to be a computer lab  on the second floor for CAE if there is a big one planned for 1st floor?  Many students have their own computers now so maybe we just need a place for them to plug in and set up?  Could the spaces be more modular to accommodate changing space needs?
    • Brabham will bring these concerns up to Tammi Cooper.
  • Goals/SLOs/Assessment– we looked at the TAMUI QEP and how they did their goals and SLO’s for their writing QEP.  It seems like their plan is similar to ours.
    • We discussed incoming students and numbers of freshmen who actually take our Comp I & II courses or remedial Comp.  The numbers should be around 500 per semester.  Many students transfer in those two courses but the ones who don’t should be adequate numbers for our QEP assessment that will take place in the two Comp courses.
    • Dumas said that English has revamped Comp I&II this past year.
    • Merriman mentioned that TurnItIn will be part of the LMS so it is possible that Chalk &
      Wire could also be made a part of the LMS for e-Portfolio purposes.
    • We decided to take our gen ed rubric & SLOs and use the TAMUI QEP as a template for how to present them.
      • Goal #1 hits the entering students
      • Goal #2 hits writing across the disciplines
      • The Writing Center is a "tool" in both goals
    • Brabham will put reworded goals for our QEP into DropBox for us to modifyy.
  • Name for our QEP
    • “Crusaders Can Write” was from Dr. Trotti’s proposal.  She also shared some other ideas she had.  We then asked the two students what they thought of the first idea.  They were not in favor of it so we asked them to see if they could come up with something that would be more engaging to students.  They will work on this before the next meeting.