Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes -11/15/2011

QEP Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2011

Meeting began at 4:00 PM in the Parker Academic Building
Dr. Cliffa Foster, Dr. Brian Brabham, Dr. Lem Taylor, Kris Ward, Dr. Joey Tabarlet, Dr. Kathy Harden, Dr. Jacky Dumas, Jeff Sutton, Dr. Hollie Stanton, Dr. Christie Bledsoe, Abby Criswell (SGA), Dr. Tammi Cooper, Dr. Chrisann Merriman, Dr. Barbara Dalby, and Dr. Janene Lewis

Meeting began with a review of UMHB data by Dr. Janene Lewis.  Committee examined CLA results and discussed areas of concern that should be a part of the QEP topic.  Areas of concern included writing, speaking, cultural diversity and the first year experience.

Dr. Christie Bledsoe discussed the QEP topic survey that was sent out to all members of the UMHB community.  229 individuals responded to the survey generating 212 ideas.  Dr. Bledsoe’s team will meet to determine relevant themes found in the survey.

Dr. Cliffa Foster discussed the online pre-proposal form along with Dr. Chrisann Merriman.  The online form is ready for posting to the UMHB QEP website.  Dr. Foster’s team is working on guidelines for the pre-proposal that will be posted online.  A discussion took place as to the amount of compensation that will be offered for white paper development.  Dr. Brian Brabham showed the QEP committee examples of compensation offered by other institutions.  Dr. Tammi Cooper will let us know how much we have available in the budget to offer.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.   Next meeting will be on November 29, 2011.