Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 11/18/2013

QEP Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2013

Members Present:  Trotti, Harden, Taylor, Coley, Bonner, Brabham, Wood, Norell.

Draft status update

  • The final draft of the SACS QEP document is in Tammi Cooper’s hands;  she has sent it off to Yandell to do final preparation for printing.

QEP Promotion/Education

  • QEP Promotion at playoff football game this weekend
    • Weather will probably be bad so that our plan for having the first 600 students/faculty get free food from us to promote QEP is probably not a good idea.
    • Discussion led to plan to do some kind of similar promotion with food coupons and other free gifts at the beginning of the spring semester.  This may actually be better because it is closer to the arrival of the SACS team.
    • Chapel on Wednesday (10:00 and 11:00)
      • Volunteers were identified to hand out flyers before and T-shirts after the two chapels this Wednesday.  Students having a flyer with the “pencil man” in the Q of QEP can take the flyer to one of the tables outside the chapel and get a free t-shirt.
      • We only have about 5 minutes in each chapel to promo QEP – just enough time to show the QEP video
      • T-Shirts to faculty
        • Emails have been sent to secretaries in all the colleges on campus asking for t-shirt sizes of their faculty and staff so we can give away the gray shirts.  Only 2 colleges have responded so far.  Brabham asked for committee members of the other colleges to follow up on this.

Website update

  • The website needs a lot of organizational work done.  Wood suggested that we ask Matt Irvine to work on it for us first and then we can go in a tweak things.  Brabham will contact Irvine about this.

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Kathleen Wood