Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 11/19/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2012

Members present:  Coley, Taylor, Brabham, Harden, Merriman, Dumas, Wood, Sarah Norrell and Jacquelyn Jackson.

  • Review space concerns– Dr. Oldham met with us to give us an idea of the current timeline on Hardy/Mabee.  Architects are being interviewed.  The one chosen will meet with all stakeholders, including the QEP committee, to see what each need is.  Then plans will be drawn up.  Construction could begin mid Fall 2013 and Writing Center could open by Fall of 2014.
    • Dr. Cooper has said that we should proceed with plans for what we think we need.  These may need to be tweaked later but don’t worry about that now. 
    • The question was raised about total WC staff needed:  4 writing consultants (non-tenure track, full-time instructors; $25-30,000/yr with benefits); WC director who might also be the WAC director (tenure track plus benefits); 7-8 peer tutors.
    • Is it good to have one person as WC & WAC director? – One person COULD do this but classroom teaching duties would make it harder for 1 person.  At the same time, the 4 writing consultants would help handle the WAC duties.
    • Goals/SLOs/Assessment/Criteria for Success – Brabham handed out a rough draft for this (see attachment with comments).
    • Writing team timeline for QEP document:
      • Begin writing in spring
      • Draft ready by May
      • Draft sent out for review during summer
      • Finalize QEP for SACS during fall semester for submission in January.  Have it done before Christmas break.
      • Writing Team?– Trotti and Dumas plus any others they need.
        • Taylor & Hardin will handle marketing the QEP starting in Spring 2013.
        • Future meetings – update calendars so we can plan the best times to meet in the spring.