Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes - 11/29/2011

QEP Meeting Minutes
November 29, 2011

Meeting began at 4:00 PM

Members attending

Dr. Brian Brabham, Dr. Cliffa Foster, Dr. Lem Taylor, Dr. Chrisann Merriman, Dr. Kathy Wood, Dr. Jacky Dumas, Kassidy Harris (SGA), Abby Criswell (SGA), Dr. Hollie Stanton, Dr. Christie Bledsoe, Jeff Sutton, Kathy Harden, Dr. Trent Terrell, Dr. Barbara Dalby, Dr. Tammi Cooper, Dr. Kerry Owens, and Dr. David Chrisman

Dr. Christie Bledsoe led a discussion of theme areas derived from the QEP Idea Survey which was administered during the month of November. 
The QEP committee decided to remove the theme area of Campus Life as it was determined that the ideas submitted in that category were not areas that would directly affect student learning.
The theme area of Acclimation to College Life was changed to Student Success
The theme area of Faith and Character Building was shortened to Character Building
Those ideas submitted that were not directly related to a theme will be passed on to administration

Dr. Cliffa Foster led a discussion of the pre-proposal submission process and guidelines. 
QEP committee members decided to include the areas of “QEP topic could include . .” on the pre-proposal guideline form in order to help direct pre-proposal submissions
The committee was informed that each pre-proposal selected for further development as a full proposal will be awarded $1,000.  An additional $1,000 will be awarded to the full proposal selected as the final QEP topic for UMHB.

Dr. Brian Brabham brought up the topic of writing a pre-proposal and serving on the scoring subcommittee.  It was suggested that only members who do not submit a pre-proposal serve on the scoring subcommittee.  Further discussion will take place in the spring semester.

The QEP committee, as suggested by Dr. Tammi Cooper,  decided to wait to send out information to the UMHB community regarding the pre-proposal submission until after several members return from the SACSCOC meeting in Orlando, Fl the upcoming weekend.  Members will be attending a full-day session on the QEP process.  This session could provide valuable insight into the process.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM.