Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes 3/5/2012

QEP Meeting Minutes
March 5, 2012

Members present: Brian Brabham, Janene Lewis, Trent Terrell, David Chrisman, Kristi Bledsoe, Barbara Dalby, Chrisann Merriman, Joey Tabarlet, Jacky Dumas, Kathy Harden, Randy Garza, Tammi Cooper, Hollie Stanton, Kathy Wood.

Future plans – We will not need many scheduled meetings until we are ready for the implementation phase.  We’re planning on an end-of-year celebration with the committee (TBA).  Some committee members will be rolling off as the implementation committee takes shape.  

  •  Update  by scoring teamon pre-proposals submitted
    • 36 preproposals have been received so far.  They are still reading through them.  The team will share the top ones with each other and then decided on the top 7. 
    • There have been some small rubric changes as well.  They omitted 1 of the 6 criteria measured by the rubric because they considered that one a repeat.
    • We discussed how to notify the 7 finalists.
      • Bring them in to tell them before telling whole campus.  Cooper said we also need to talk to them regarding the depth of the full proposals they will need to now write.  She suggested a training session for them after Spring Break. 
      • Brabham said we need to be able to justify the ones that don’t qualify.
      • Chrisman asked about what if we have a good preproposal but another one has an idea that will enhance the first?  If both make it into the finalists, can they be combined with each other?  What if they don’t WANT to do a joint proposal?  It was suggested that we would then just go with the stronger proposal.  Another suggestion was that both could be part of the top 7.
      • Chrisman asked if final proposal would be “tweaked”.  It could be.  Then, what if it looked like another one?  Dalby added that theoretically all 7 of the winners could be on the same topic. If all have the same topic in the 7 finalists, will it look like it was “rigged”?  Dumas said no, it really confirms the better idea.
      • Final decision – give them an option to partner up.  If they say no, so be it.  Let it run its course.  If have 3 or 4 of same idea, we should talk it out with our committee before going forward.
  • Are we going to publish preproposals that win in full?  Would this give an unfair advantage to some of the other winning preproposals?  Bledsoe suggested just listing top theme and name of winner on QEP website.
  • Contact person for full-proposal submission
    • Brabham will take this role if not chosen as a finalist
    • Secondary volunteer for submission of full-proposals – Kristi Bledsoe
    • Full-proposal scoring team update
      • Full proposal submission deadline is June 1.
      • The committee then talked about the proposal guidelines.  These will be given to the 7 finalists at the informational meeting after Spring Break.  Cooper will handle this meeting if Brabham is one of the finalists. Otherwise Brabham will do it.
      • Scoring of full proposals will be done by August 1.  Announcement of winner will be at the August Faculty Assembly.
      • Scoring team will be chosen after we see which preproposals make the final 7.
      • QEP committee members as faculty sponsor for student if chosen as finalist – this will be done if necessary.
      • Implementation Team – currently includes Taylor, Brabham, Wood, and Merriman

**Next meeting March 19th at 3:00 PM