Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Meeting Minutes 9/20/2011

QEP Meeting Minutes
September 20, 2011

Members Present: Brian Brabham, Trent Terrell, Tammi Cooper, Kris Ward, Cliffa Foster, Lem Taylor, Christie Bledsoe, Chrisann Merriman, Jacky Dumas, Kathy Harden, Kathy Wood, Nancy Bonner, Janene Lewis, David Chrisman, Joey Tabarlet, and Kerry Owens.

Brian Brabham is chair of QEP committee
Kathy Wood is co-chair
Call meetings and keep process moving
Method of determining topic selection
Gather data from Umhb on needs, etc. Marry institutional data and match to needs
Where do we go from here
Student surveys
Budget approval by next fall-Feb board meeting (ave=$500k)
Educate campus---dep meetings,etc
Lem wants to be on first part--Topic ident
Chapel would be a good forum to talk to students
How do we educate everyone
Who can take the lead on educating?
Lem will take lead on educating the "community"
Chrisann will keep eporTfolio of all we do.
Jeanine will take data evaluation role. I will look at data as well
Look at SACS website for more information
Need schedule of deadlines
10-12 months to develop the plan
Guidelines for proposals from campus. Money is involved
Writing and research once topic is selected
Fall of 2013
Need implementation plan and assessment plan
Educate in October, ideas submitted by November, RFP by Christmas
Rubric based on data
Topic selected by spring break
Visit with SGA
Visit with Colin about graduate students getting involved
Guidelines for proposals
Proposals due Feb. 1st, 2012
Topic selected by March 7, 2011
Guidelines for RFP-who can take this on.