Quality Enhancement Plan

Theme Interest Survey Results


The Quality Enhancement Plan was publicized on the UMHB campus with posters and videos.  Videos were shared via email and QR codes.  Students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to share ideas for a QEP which could improve learning outcomes.  These ideas were collected via SurveyMonkey.  The qualitative data was organized into the following six themes.  These themes represent 124 student (including 9 graduate students), 61 faculty, 41 staff, and 3 alumni responses.  Each theme includes a learning outcome and descriptors of a potential QEP.  The descriptors are not intended to be an exhaustive list of ways to address the learning outcome.

Theme: Communication Effectiveness

Learning Outcomes:  The UMHB student will communicate effectively with written and oral skills.

            QEP could address:

  • Advanced writing (editing, revising, research, etc)
  • Advanced reading skills (critical reasoning to evaluate and analyze information)
  • Remedial reading and writing skills
  • Creative writing skills and opportunities
  • Public speaking skills
  • Information literacy

Theme:  Character Building

Learning Outcomes:  The UMHB student will demonstrate ethical thinking and apply it to current issues.

            QEP could address:

  • Christian learning/evangelism
  • Ethics and decision making
  • Personal finance
  • Health and fitness

 Theme: Student Success

Learning Outcomes:  The UMHB student will develop skills necessary for success in college.

            QEP could address:

  • Freshman experience
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Advising
  • Study Skill and Tutoring (math, writing, etc.)
  • At-risk students
  • Student study areas
  • Student social areas

Theme: Global Perspectives

Learning Outcomes:  The UMHB student will demonstrate knowledge or diversity and historical perspectives.

            QEP could address:

  • Study abroad and internship abroad opportunities
  • International partnerships
  • Diversity experiences
  • Support for international students
  • Culture, art, and/or faith and missions

Theme: Applied Learning

Learning Outcomes:  The UMHB student will engage in active learning environments

            QEP could address:

  • Integration of technology and instruction
  • Integration of technology and learning
  • Implementation of student centered learning strategies
  • Learning through mentoring
  • Learning through research
  • Information fluency
  • Internships
  • Library services
  • Service Learning

Theme: Technology Applications

Learning Outcomes:  The UMHB student will use computers and emerging technologies effectively.

            QEP could address:

  • Course delivery
  • Access to technology
  • 21st century skills
  • Technology and pedagogy
  • Technology and communication