Quality Enhancement Plan

Working Timeline

Phase In of QEP (Draft)

Phase 1—Year 1

Phase 2—Year 2

Phase 3—Year 3

Phase 4 –Year 4

Phase 5-Year 5

  1.  Begin writing center formation
  2. Hiring Writing Center Director
  3. Identify training model and students for peer tutoring in Writing Center
  4. Collect baseline data (writing scores)
  5. Begin identification of WAC/WE courses


  1. Full Writing Center implementation
  2. Developmental writing students required to attend weekly sessions at the Writing Center.
  3. Freshman composition courses, along with developmental writing courses address identified weaknesses in student writing
  4.  Faculty trained by Writing Center staff on how to improve discipline specific writing
  5.  WAC/WE courses begin. 
  6. Faculty trained by Writing Center begin small scale implementation to increase writing in the discipline
  7. Trained faculty conduct small training sessions during department meetings to assist in implementation.
  8. Assessment of student writing (TBD)


  1. WAC/WE full implementation.  One course in each department identified as WAC/WE course
  2. Identified courses assign, over the course of the semester, a total of 7,000 words of writing for evaluation.

Writing samples evaluated with rubric

  1.  Full implementation
  2. Assessment of goals
  3. Evaluation of QEP success