Imperative 1

We will deepen our commitment to our Christian mission and Baptist heritage.

  1. Deepen students’ awareness of the implications of the Christian faith for their lives and vocations
    1. Host lectures, conferences, and seminars on Christian topics
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Christian Studies Forum: 12 events held
        • UMHB Book Club: four events over the last two years.  The book clubs often devote much of the conversation, if not presentation, to Christian perspectives on the chosen book.
        • Writers’ Festival: two festivals in the last two years have promoted leading writers in the field of Christian literature
        • Music department: Twelve events over the last two years exclusively devoted to Christian music and themes
        • Art department: a lecture and an art show focused especially on Christian themes
        • C3: Conversations in Christianity + Culture: This new initiative has hosted eight different artists who explored the relationship between Christianity and culture
        • Others contributing to this initiative: Honors Program, vibrant chapel programming
        • Campus ministries has emphasized vocational discernment and spiritual gift assessment in Ministry Leadership Council and FOCUS
        • Campus Ministries has increased their efforts to help students become disciples and to disciple others
        • Campus Ministries has increased their efforts to distribute pro-life information to students
    2. Provide faculty development opportunities on the topic of faith-discipline integration
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Since May 2011, fifteen faculty and administrators have attended the Baylor Seminar on Academic Leadership
        • In the last two years, 43 separate faculty have participated in the Academic Leadership Seminar, a semester-long reading group that explores issues in Christian higher education. Average attendance each semester is 14.
  2. Increase opportunities to celebrate our Baptist heritage
    1. Enhance scholarships for Baptist ministry students
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Scholarship funds have increased in the College of Christian Studies due to the Slough endowment. The endowment will yield approximately $31,500 per year which will be awarded to six upper level Christian Studies majors preparing to serve in Baptist churches.
    2. Increase the number of students who are dependents of denominational workers
    3. Remodel missionary residence
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Funds have been approved and the remodel is planned for Summer-Fall 2013 with the first Missionary-in-Residence to serve as early as Spring 2014
        • Guidelines for a missionary-in-residence program are under development
    4. Emphasize Baptist distinctives annually/semi-annually in chapel programs
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Beginning in 2010, we dedicated one day of chapel each year to the communication of Baptist theology or values.
        • Using chapel to emphasize Baptist distinctives has not been well received by the students.
        • We will seek alternative methods to cover the subject matter in 13-14.
    5. Host lecture series on Baptist heritage
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Lectures on the Baptist missionaries commemorated in the Manning Chapel windows were held in February 2012 and February 2013. Presentations are planned on two more missionaries in fall of 2013 and spring of 2014.
        • We hosted a two-day conference on Baptist studies in Fall 2012 (Baptists and the Shaping of American Culture). Scholars from across the country participated.
  3. Increase opportunities for students to prepare for lives of leadership, service, and faith-informed discernment
    1. Annually promote campus-wide discussions about leadership, service, or faith-informed discernment by using a university-wide common text
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Planning has been under way in spring 2013. Currently plans are underway to pilot a common text in 2013-2014.
    2. Add a leadership/service component to the chapel requirement
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Best practices have been researched, and discussion of how to implement into our UMHB chapel programming is underway.
        • Currently developing a systematic approach of attending X number of chapels and completing X number of hours of approved leadership or service experiences
    3. Provide opportunities for discipline-specific programming to encourage leadership, service, and faith-informed discernment
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • The College of Nursing led a mission trip to Kenya in summer 2011. This trip is being reviewed as a possible model for other trips in the future.
        • The men’s soccer team is currently making plans for a June 2014 mission trip to Brazil.
        • Student life is enhancing its efforts to ensure students are aware of community service opportunities
    4. Establish centers for Leadership and Service-Learning
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