Imperative 10

We will secure the financial resources needed to accomplish our vision.

  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy
    1. Develop and implement a capital campaign strategy
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Momentum: The Campaign for Mary Hardin-Baylor, a comprehensive fundraising campaign was publically launched in May 2012 and has raised $41.5 million toward a $60 million goal for university priorities related to capital improvements, endowment growth, and scholarships, as well as other needs.
        • Total annual gift production in FY 12-13 has increased 71% over FY 11-12.
        • UMHB is building the strength and scale of its donor base demonstrated by the increase in the President’s Leadership Circle, which has grown to 507 members in FY 12-13, up 48% since FY 11-12.
        • A new initiative has yielded 36 new Named Annual Scholarships in FY 12-13.
        • Gifts to endowment in FY 12-13 are up 78% since FY 11-12.
        • The total number of donors in FY 12-13 has grown 19% since FY 11-12. The number of alumni donors in FY 12-13 has grown 13% since FY 11-12.
        • A strategic fundraising emphasis to encourage donors to make multi-year commitments to the campaign has resulted in 293 new multi-year pledges in FY 12-13.
        • Major gift development with gifts or pledges of $25,000 or more in FY 12-13 are up 73% since FY 11-12, with more than double the number of major gift donors.
        • Alumni communications and engagement has been enhanced through special events, social media, and personal communications via the Cru Care Network and Alumni Calling Tree. Alumni participation at events increased 26% in FY 12-13 and connections via Facebook and other social media applications increased 50%.
        • A lifetime giving recognition program was implemented as a stewardship program to better recognize donors for their cumulative impact on the university through their giving.
        • A full-time prospect research program has been implemented to provide more proactive prospect leads to fundraising staff.
    2. Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy in support of a comprehensive fundraising strategy
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Momentum: The Campaign for Mary Hardin-Baylor employs a fully developed marketing strategy.
  2. Develop financial strategies to support university initiatives
    1. Develop a comprehensive debt management plan
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Board of Trustees approval for debt issuance, February 2011
        • Obtained BGCT approval for debt issuance, February 2011
        • Executed loan commitment document and locked interest rates, October 2011.
        • As projects have become solidified, created monthly cash flow projections for payouts on each project and aligned timing of debt / fundraising / available cash.
        • Drafted Debt Policy for monitoring of existing debt / tolerance for future debt; policy will be staffed internally and presented to Board of Trustees in October 2013
        • Executed debt to support Campus Master Plan.
        • Compliant with all debt covenants.
        • UMHB has resources available (institutional, donor, and debt) to complete Phase I and Phase II new construction projects with exception of Performing Arts Center.
    2. Develop a scalable model for planning/budgeting
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Fully burdened cost per FTE has been calculated for last 3 fiscal years based on audited financial statements.
        • Operating budgets have been implemented supporting all new Campus Master Plan projects.
    3. Prioritize strategic plan initiatives in the budget to ensure adequate funding to accomplish its initiatives
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • During the budget workshop for establishing the 2012-13 budget, strategic plan needs were prioritized and included in the budget as additional budget investments to support the Strategic Plan.
        • In addition to retaining budget increases initially approved in the 2012-13 budget, the 2013-14 budget retains these level of investments along with several new investments.
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