Imperative 3

We will hire, develop, and retain highly qualified people who are passionate about contributing to the UMHB experience.

  1. Refine our hiring methodologies
    1. Implement a “hire for success” process
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Updated procedures for hiring faculty, adjunct faculty and staff were published this Spring
        • A new application for employment is near completion and will be implemented this Fall
        • UMHB has also participated in several salary surveys and a compensation review is ongoing.
        • Pre-employment skills testing for a variety of positions has been implemented.
        • Core interview questions that address both “fit” to the UMHB experience/mission/environment and core competencies/skills required for success have been piloted for several positions. Once the “UMHB Experience” is further defined by a separate committee, HR will facilitate the continued formulation of core questions.
        • Since 2011, HR has remodeled its lobby and they have launched a new website
    2. Provide continuing education for faculty/staff involved in the hiring process
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • All new supervisors receive training. A refresher will be offered this Fall.
        • Search committee training is conducted for all members every 2 years.
  2. Develop an employee engagement plan
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • The Survey of Employee Engagement (conducted by the University of Texas’s Institute of Organizational Excellence) was implemented this spring. The survey results will be furnished to all employees this fall.
        • Based on the results of this survey (which includes suggested strategies for employee engagement) an employee engagement plan will be drafted for review.
        • Faculty performance evaluations have been revised and implemented.
        • New Faculty orientation program is being revised for implementation in August.
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