Imperative 4

We will be recognized for our student-focused culture.

  1. Increase efforts to enable students to succeed academically and vocationally
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • A committee has been formed to make recommendations regarding a comprehensive plan to track placement and success of UMHB graduates. The committee will bring recommendations to President’s Council soon.
        • A new freshman advising model has been adopted. The CAE will now oversee first-year advising in partnership with academic units. Pilots will begin in the fall of 2014.
        • Academic support services were enhanced. The CAE has achieved a national tutor certification aimed at improving tutor effectiveness. Results indicate positive impacts in student pass rates and the increased number of tutoring appointments.
        • The use of GradesFirst has increased. Early alert warnings have been expanded. All freshman, athletes and other special groups are monitored through the system. Students marked at-risk now receive email notifications along with CAE staff and others who monitor their progress (ie. Coaches, Student Life Staff)
        • An advising intake model for Opportunity students was implemented during the 12-13 academic year. Results indicated an improvement in opportunity retention rates from the fall to spring semester.
  2. Create a service-oriented campus culture in all units
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Faculty and Staff have participated in Legendary Customer Service training in fall 2012.
        • Student attitudes of what constitutes good customer service has been collected.
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