Imperative 5

We will foster and grow a robust residential campus community.

  1. Increase the percentage of full-time undergraduate students living on campus to between 65% and 70%
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Percentage of full-time undergrads living on campus in fall: 2010 (59%); 2011 (61%); 2012 (59%). We increased the number of beds during this period from 1406 to 1558, but the increase has not kept pace with our increasing undergraduate population
        • Estimated percentage of full-time undergrads living on campus in fall: 2013 (56%); 2014 (57%); and 2015 (63%). NOTE: 2014 estimates assume that we take Huckins (58 beds) offline and add 150 beds at College View. 2015 estimates include adding 150 additional beds to College View.
        • Given current estimates of available beds and increasing student population, we will need 150 additional beds in Fall 2016 and 150 additional beds in Fall 2017 to reach 65%.
  2. Develop programming that increases student, faculty, and staff participation in campus activities
    1. Develop programming for new student center
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Campus activities has hired three new student workers to help with new programming in the student center
        • IT and Campus activities have partnered to enhance gaming and computer technology in the student center
        • Campus activities will expand hours of operation during nights and weekends.
    2. Encourage faculty-student engagement outside the classroom
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • For 12-13, Sodexo began offering reduced meal prices ($4) for faculty and staff. This has had a positive effect on faculty and staff eating in Hardy.
    3. Achieve top 10% status among peer universities in student engagement surveys
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Student life has created a Student Engagement Committee to provide co-curricular advising in order to help students develop a purposeful student engagement transcript while at UMHB. An early draft of the plan is included in the supplemental materials.
    4. Develop a “first-year experience zone” around the existing quad
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • Student life has developed a First Year Residential Experience guide and calendar.
    5. Schedule campus events to increase cross-cultural awareness and engagement of underrepresented students
      1. 2011-2013 Progress

        • More cross-cultural events are being held on weekends.
        • Shuttles are provided to some off-campus events. This helps many international students.
        • Engage international student groups into planning various Play Day events in order to provided cultural experiences/entertainment.
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