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UMHB understands that many victims have a strong desire for their report of sexual violence to be treated confidentially.  If you request that your name not be disclosed to the accused person or that the university not investigate or take disciplinary action against the accused person, university officials will carefully consider your request and honor it if possible. 

If the university determines that it can keep your report confidential, all reasonable steps will still be taken to respond to your complaint consistent with your request.  For example, it may be helpful to make changes to your housing situation, class schedule, etc.  Any request for confidentiality can be withdrawn at any time, and the university will proceed to investigate your report fully and take appropriate action.

However, honoring a request not to reveal a victim’s name to the accused person, not to conduct an investigation, or not to punish the accused person will limit the university’s ability to respond fully to the assault and take any appropriate disciplinary action.  There are situations in which the university must override a request for confidentiality in order to meet its obligations under federal law to provide an educational environment which is safe and free from sexual violence. If the person you accuse has been accused before of committing similar acts or if the circumstances indicate that the accused person is likely to harm others, the university may have to investigate your report and take appropriate action to make the campus safe.  If an investigation must take place, the information you report will be shared only on a need-to-know basis.

If you want to be assured that your report will be kept confidential, you can report the assault to a therapist, doctor, minister or attorney who is legally obligated to maintain patient or client confidentiality.  If you choose this option, please consider asking your therapist, doctor, minister or attorney to make a confidential report of the assault without including facts that would reveal your identity. While the university will probably not be able to take any disciplinary action against the person who assaulted you, university officials will have a better picture of crime on the campus and may be able to warn the campus community about methods or patterns of attacks.

Susan Owens

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