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Reporting - General Information

Any student who has experienced or observed unwelcome conduct which may constitute illegal discrimination is encouraged to report the matter to one of the university authorities named below. Students are encouraged to report such conduct before it becomes severe or pervasive so that the University can take appropriate steps to prevent the situation from creating an environment which is hostile to education.

Reporting emergencies and crimes is addressed in Section Six of the Student Handbook. If you have immediate safety concerns, first call 911, then call the Campus Police at 254-295- 5555.

Some examples of matters which are appropriate to report and file a complaint within this section include:

  • A complaint of sex discrimination or sexual / gender harassment carried out byuniversity employees, other students, or third parties
  • A complaint of gender inequity in any program of the university, including athletics
  • A complaint of discrimination on the basis of a disability or handicap
  • A complaint of any violation of the university's Policy Against Discrimination orHarassment

You may make a report in person, in writing, by mail, by email, or online:

If you voluntarily report a sexual assault, the university will not discipline you for conduct violations which must be disclosed in the course of reporting the assault.

If a complaint is made in writing, the following information should be included (these elements can be discussed in the meeting if the complaint is made inperson):

  • A description of the problem which is the basis for the complaint
  • When the conduct which is the basis of the complaint occurred
  • The names and contact information, if known, of any persons whose conduct has created the problem or the complain
  • The names and contact information, if known, of any persons who can provide information about or confirmation of the complaint
  • What, if any, consequences or effects the problem is causing for the student
  • The action or solution requested in order to resolve the complaint

The University will take appropriate steps to eliminate illegal discrimination or sexual harassment as quickly as possible. In some cases interim measures maybe taken before the investigation and any related disciplinary process has been completed in order to eliminate or diminish the opportunity for additionaldiscrimination or harassment or to alleviate the effects of the conduct which is the subject of the complaint. Any interim measures will respect the rights of all students to be treated with fundamental fairness.

Reports may also be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education: 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20202


All individuals participating in the university investigation, including but not limited to making an initial report, are expected to tell the truth. Individuals participating in an investigation regarding an allegation of sexual assault and sexual misconduct will not be disciplined for minor violations of the student rules of conduct. However, if there is a concern about a person’s safety, including but not limited to the use of alcohol/drugs, the university may recommend counseling or other educational resources to the person.

Intentional False Reporting Is Prohibited

Sexual harassment and particularly sexual assault often is not witnessed by others and reports of such incidents cannot always be substantiated by additional evidence. Lack of additional evidence should not discourage an individual from reporting an incident. However, individuals who make reports that are later found to have been intentionally falsified or made maliciously without regard for truth, may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.

Susan Owens

Susan Owens, Title IX Coordinator
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