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Code of Conduct

No person shall act in a manner which is inconsistent with the general norms of academic libraries.

All UMHB students, faculty, and staff have a right to use the services and facility of Townsend Memorial Library without undue distraction or disturbance.

The library space is intended for research and study. Sleeping is discouraged and distracts those who are actively studying.

Users will abide by the posted guidelines for designated "Group and "Quiet" areas.

Do not leave personal items unsupervised. The library does not accept responsibility for loss of personal items.

Food may be not be consumed in the library. Drinks in covered containers are permitted. Exceptions are catered events scheduled by university employees. Our library's no-food policy helps maintain a clean, pest-free environment and protects the library's collections, equipment, and facility.

Trash and recycling containers are provided throughout the library building. Users are expected to dispose of their own trash and leave spaces neat and clean.

Users shall not deface or damage library furniture, equipment, or building surfaces.

The library staff reserves the right to inspect any bag, folder or other receptacle capable of containing library materials, particularly when a security alarm at the exit is activated.

This is YOUR library. This policy is designed to help preserve library resources for all library users and to create a clean, comfortable space for reflection and study. We expect that all users will accept responsibility for following this policy.

Page last updated October 19, 2018