TeachingMyWay prepares you for a career in teaching while you continue working in your current job.

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The TeachingMyWay alternative certification pathway provides a way for individuals with bachelor’s degrees to acquire Texas teaching certification through a competency-based platform. Whether you are in the military, a professional considering a career change, or a parent ready to re-enter the workforce, TeachingMyWay can help you obtain the training and credentials you need to become an educator.

How does it work?
How long will it take to complete TeachingMyWay?
What do I need to qualify for admission?
Applying for admission into the UMHB Educator Preparation Program

TeachingMyWay is affordable.

$6,500 for typical completion in two time blocks.*

  • All resources are included in cost, so there are no textbook costs or lab fees.
  • Additional costs include state fees for certification exams, a background check, certification application fees, and a supervisor fee for student teaching/internship done more than 60 miles from Belton.
  • We offer full or monthly payment plans to help you budget.

* Cost may be more for students who take longer to complete the pathway.
**Cost for student teaching/internship done more than 60 miles from Belton** will be approximately $650.

Student loans available for qualifying students.

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What is competency based?

TeachingMyWay is designed around mastering the skills and knowledge of “competencies” that teachers need to be outstanding educators. Through assessments like papers, exams, and presentations, you will demonstrate your mastery of the competencies you will need to pass the Texas Examination of Educator Standards for Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities. Since all of the materials are available online 24/7, you choose the days and times when you want to study and when you want to take the assessments; you can move quickly on familiar topics and take more time on subjects that are more challenging for you.

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Why choose UMHB?

Great reputation. The UMHB College of Education educator preparation program boasts a very high passing rate on the state exams each year.

Success coaching. When you start the pathway, you’ll be assigned a success coach who will stay with you until you complete the modules. Phone calls with your coach will keep you connected. More than an academic advisor, your coach helps you set targets and offers personalized assistance as needed.

Personal attention. This isn’t just another online program. TeachingMyWay brings UMHB to you—where you are. If you need some extra help on certain subjects, our professors are here for you.

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