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Interlibrary Loan & TexShare

TexShare Cards

UMHB students, faculty, and staff may request a free TexShare Card from the UMHB Library. A TexShare Card provides you with borrowing privileges from more than 500 participating libraries across Texas. The first time you visit a library to use your TexShare Card, be sure to bring a photo ID, your library card from your home library, and your TexShare Card. You’ll be asked to complete a registration form in order to activate your borrowing privileges at that library.

Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL)

Do you need a book or a journal article not in the library's collection? Our Interlibrary Loan department may be able to borrow the book or request the article from another library.

  • ILL services are provided only to CURRENT UMHB students, faculty, and staff.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to consult with one of our Reference Librarians prior to requesting an item through ILL. Librarians can save you time and money by helping you find the resources you need.
  • Please note that while the ILL Department successfully fills the majority of requests, the library cannot guarantee that every ILL order can be filled.

Please complete the appropriate form below.


Order an article through our ILL services

Are there limits and fees for Interlibrary Loan services?

Currently, the UMHB library does not charge fees to order ILL items.

However, overdue fees apply for ILL books; fees are 50 cents per day.


limited to 5 ILL requests per week.

Graduate students:

limited to 10 ILL requests per week.

Faculty and staff:

no limits on items ordered.

Other ILL fees may apply

  • If a lending library indicates a fee (usually $10-$25), these charges will be the patron's responsibility.
  • Please indicate on the order form the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. If you choose $0, we will only request the item from free lenders.
  • In some cases this may reduce your chances of getting an item (for example, many medical/nursing libraries charge ILL fees).
  • In the majority of cases, items can be obtained at no cost.

How long does it usually take to get items through ILL?

  • Article requests typically take 3-10 working days; book requests typically take 7-14 working days; this time may be shorter or longer depending on the response time of potential lenders.
  • You will be notified when the library receives your requested materials.
  • Requested articles will be emailed to you as PDF attachments.
  • Requested books will be held for you at the library Circulation Desk.
  • Books not picked up within 3 weeks of notification will be returned to the lender.

How long can I keep an ILL book? Can ILL books be renewed?

  • Due dates for ILL books vary, as they are set by the lending libraries. Typically you will have 3-6 weeks to use the material.
  • Any renewals on ILL books must be granted by the lending libraries. Email at least 3 days before your item's due date and we will request a renewal. Some lenders do not allow renewals on ILL items.

Contact the ILL Manager, Shiloh Fulton,, 254-295-5004, with questions.

Page last updated July 21, 2022