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Jobs for Students

How do I apply for a student worker position?

  • You must be awarded work study through financial aid prior to applying
  • Your financial aid award letter notifies you of your eligibility
  • If you have any questions about your award please contact financial aid (254) 295-4517

When can I apply?

  • Apply prior to the beginning of each semester.

Who do I contact?

How many hours will I work?

Fall and spring semesters:

  • 13 hours a week including one evening shift until 8pm
  • Late night positions available (8pm - 11pm | Sunday - Thursday)
  • May include four to six weekend shifts per semester

Summer semesters:

  • 15 - 20 hours a week
  • May include some evening shifts until 8pm
  • May include some Saturdays (10am - 2pm)

Positions available (jobs may vary, but include):

  • Circulation Desk Assistant
  • Circulation Late Night Assistant (8pm - 11pm Sunday - Thursday)
  • Graphic Design Assistant: Adobe Suite, content management
  • Technical Services Assistant: labeling, ordering, assisting with interlibrary loans
  • Other library assistant positions: inventory, collection maintenance, serials maintenance

Page last updated June 21, 2022