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Borrowing from the Library

Eligible Borrowers at UMHB


Borrow (at no charge):

  • Flash drive
  • Calculators: Graphing, Scientific, and Business Analyst

Use in the library:

  • Microsoft Office (does not include Microsoft Project)



UMHB Alumni- Baptist Pastors- TexShare card holders

Your Responsibility As a Library Patron

When you become a library patron, it is your responsibility to know the policies and procedures of the library as stated on the library’s website.

  • As a borrower, you accept responsibility for library materials borrowed on the card issued to you.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the library has your current contact information.
  • It is expected that you will treat library materials and equipment in a manner so that they are preserved, in working order, and available for other users.
  • You are responsible for returning library materials by the date and time due.
  • As a library user, you agree to pay fines for materials returned to the library after their due date and to reimburse the library for materials that are lost, damaged, or stolen while checked out on your card. Library fees are not negotiable.
  • Items not returned by the end of the current semester will be billed and a hold placed on your university account.
  • The library will not release the names or identification numbers of users or borrowers who are using library materials.


If you have questions about Circulation policies at Townsend Memorial Library, please contact Sandy Heller, Circulation Manager at (254) 295-4637.

Page last updated February 17, 2023