Living with a Roommate at College

5. It's not all about you!

Each roommate has equal access and enjoyment of the space provided. Each roommate is responsible for providing that for each other. Meaning, learn to find ways to help each other enjoy the space. Schedule a time each of you can have alone time in the room. If your roommate needs space to make a private phone call, offer to step out and go for a walk or grab a coffee. Be considerate of each other.

6. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Keep communication open, kind and personal. Avoid passive-aggressive texts, silent treatment, gossip and yelling.

7. Always ask before helping yourself.

This seems obvious, but you would be surprised how often a roommate will offer things once to a roommate and then they assume it means always. This can cause disagreements or hurt feelings later. The roommate that offered in the first place becomes resentful and embarrassed to speak up.

8. Make a self-care plan.

Leave your room other than for class and meals. Join an organization, create a workout schedule at the gym, find ways to meet new people on campus, serve the community during an offered service project, check out what the campus activities are going on and what Baptist Student Ministry has to offer, or simply take a walk and pray.

9. Living somewhere new and with someone new is hard sometimes.

Talk to a resident assistant or your residence director if you need help with a tough situation. You may just need help facilitating a conversation.

Living with a roommate

10. Do your laundry.

Nothing can cause more offensive odors than dirty laundry. Use plug-ins with scents you both agree on. Don't forget your sheets! It's always a shock to see how many students don't wash them all semester.

Keep a positive attitude!

Come to move-in day with the expectation that you can trust your roommate and WILL have a great semester. For every bad experience you have heard of, there are 10 times the good experiences.

Life with your new roommate can be a great experience if you keep a sense of humor and remain flexible.

You are both figuring out this whole adulting thing at the same time. Give grace as often as possible, and you will lay the foundation for a positive roommate partnership. College is a great environment to learn how to live with a roommate. There is always a support team ready to help in any situation you may face. Get packing!

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Written by Traci Squarcette
Resident Director Traci has enjoyed mentoring students for more than 10 years at UMHB. She began her life on campus as a resident director in 2014 and loves the opportunities it has afforded her to invest in the lives of students. Traci has a passion for serving the community by remaining active in local civic groups and sponsoring the ASTRA Club on campus which trains students how to successfully serve and lead service in their communities. Traci loves to bake and spend quality time with friends and her teenage daughter.



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