Quality Enhancement Plan


What is QEP at UMHB? The UMHB Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) will give faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to create a new initiative to enhance student learning. Some examples of what other campus’ QEPs focused on include: improving writing, math skills, critical thinking, etc. The QEP can be anything that fits a need on our campus and enhances student learning! The QEP will empower the campus community to build a better UMHB.

The process of determining the QEP topic is multi-step in nature.  The first step in the process is for you (the campus community) to submit ideas that you believe will help enhance student learning at UMHB.  Once ideas have been gathered, they will be grouped according to themes.  From those themes, you will then have the opportunity to submit a pre-proposal which might possibly lead to you submitting a full proposal.  But we (the QEP committee) need your ideas first. 

For more information and to watch the QEP video which was produced by UMHB students, go to http://library.umhb.edu/UMHBQEPPromoVideo.avi.  (Video Link)

Your ideas are critical to the QEP topic selection process.  We thank you in advance for your participation.   This is your opportunity to build a better UMHB and improve student learning.

Selected QEP Pre-Proposals