Earn a Graphic Design Degree

The graphic design degree prepares you to pursue a career as a professional designer. Graphic design majors learn how to communicate a message to a specific audience, whether the goal is to sell a product, promote an image, or present an idea in a compelling and memorable way. Internships provide the experience needed for graduates to move into the profession and allow them to learn how graphic design plays a role in marketing, manufacturing, and communications.

Photo of Charvia Garrett

Charvia Garrett


My favorite part of college has been learning about graphic design. I dream to apply what I have learned to a career that makes me truly happy.

Charvia Garrett


Why should I choose Graphic Design?

Graphic designers learn how to earn a living creating visual communications that inspire and inform those who see them.

What are some grapic design courses I will take?

  • Typography
  • Interactive Design
  • 3D Design
  • Photography
  • Color Theory

What are some career options?

  • Web Designer
  • Art Director
  • Magazine Designer/Illustrator
  • Newspaper Layout Artist
  • Editorial Illustrator
  • Product Packaging Designer
  • Book Designer

Where do Graphic Design Major graduates work?

  • Coastal Outdoor Advertising
  • East Central University
  • Ascendtech
  • Andrade Communicators
  • Onward Outfitters
  • Kiella Homebuilders

Where have alumni gone for graduate studies?

  • University of Oklahoma
  • Naropa University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • North Texas State University
  • The Guild School, SMU
  • Texas Tech University

Why study graphic design at UMHB?

The Baugh Center for the Visual Arts offers art majors well-equipped studios, beautiful gallery space, and plenty of areas for students to hang out and work.

Studio classes are limited to 15 students, so you always have a chance to ask questions and get feedback from your professors.

Art faculty members are professional artists who bring years of teaching experience to their classes.

The Baugh Center includes great senior studio spaces for majors who are preparing for their senior exhibitions.

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