Beach Reach

March 9-15, 2024 on South Padre Island

Beach Reach is a unique mission trip. It is a week full of opportunities to serve others and share your faith through van rides, serving pancakes, beach cleanup, and so much more. Beach Reach South Padre began in 1980 with 20 students who had a vision to reach college students during Spring Break. Today, about a thousand Christian college students join together to verbally share the gospel of Jesus with those they encounter as they seek to meet their physical needs for food and safe transportation while on the island.

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Beach Reach is definitely not your typical mission trip. It's the perfect outlet for each person's gifts and talents and really makes you work outside of your comfort zone... one day you might be talking about the Gospel over pancake supper, another you might be doing environmental work.

Photo of Albana Ochaeta

Albana Ochaeta

Beach Reach 2018

Free Van Rides

We believe that one of the best ways to share the love of Jesus is through servant evangelism. At Beach Reach, we primarily do this by offering free van rides to beachgoers at South Padre Island during Spring Break.

Hotcakes, get your hotcakes!

Free Pancakes

Breakfast is served by wonderful adult teams from across the State of Texas. Student teams, including ours, participate by having conversations with beachgoers over pancakes and orange juice. This is a practical way to begin conversations with people on the island.

Hotcakes, get your hotcakes!
Escaped Breakfast.

Beach Clean Up

We aim to be good citizens, and we believe that we reflect Jesus well by serving South Padre Island. Beach Reach teams pick up trash daily, and this is a tremendous benefit to city employees. We also make box lunches for city employees and first responders. We love the city, and they love us. It's a great partnership.

One of the greatest lessons I have gained from serving at Beach Reach is a reminder of the transformative power of the Gospel. During Spring Break, South Padre Island is a dark place. However, it is amazing to see the difference the Good News makes in the midst of that darkness. The LORD definitely is still at work and moving in this world.

Photo of Allison McKeown

Allison McKeown

Beach Reach 2017, 2018

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We'd love to tell you more about the trip! You can always contact the BSM at or (254) 295-4273.

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