Our Traditions

Charter Day

Charter Day celebrates the history and heritage of the university and commemorates the initial signing of the school’s charter on February 1, 1845. Observed on the first Wednesday of each February the students, faculty, staff and alumni honor the founders and acknowledge the university’s history. Sophomores ring the college bell and seniors place a wreath at the grave of Judge R.E.B. Baylor located in Heritage Plaza.

Photo of fireworks display at Homecoming


Homecoming provides opportunities for graduates and former students to return to campus and connect with former classmates and the university. The first Homecoming was held in 1909 and over the years has been held in either the Fall or Spring. Students and alumni together celebrate Homecoming in the Fall to include Football activities. Selection of the Homecoming Court and the pep rally with fireworks are some of the new events established by students.

Photo of fireworks display at Homecoming
Photo of three girls with candles of graduating seniors

Midnight March

Midnight March is an opportunity for students to honor their friendships with each other and exhibit their loyalty to the university. During the week prior, seniors give candles to special friends and invite them to attend the event. Seniors walk through each dorm singing “Up with the Purple.” As seniors passed the rooms of special friends, they “dipped” their candles in a sign of friendship. Midnight March is held at outside locations and concludes at the Senior Bell with singing the “Alma Mater” and ringing the senior bell.

Photo of students at the robing ceremony

Robing Ceremony

Robing symbolizes the passing of the student leadership from the Senior Class to the Junior Class. The specific origin of the robing ceremony is not known, but it may have occurred as early as 1902. Seniors place their caps and gowns on the juniors, and this is the first time the Juniors are allowed to sing the alumni/senior song, “Up with the Purple.”

Photo of students at the robing ceremony
Glen Fontenelle wears his UMHB class ring for the first time

Ring Ceremony

When the university marked its sesquicentennial in 1995, students, alumni, faculty and staff began establishing new traditions to propel UMHB into the 21st century. An important step in this direction was to custom design an official school ring. The new ring carries symbols and features chosen to distinguish a UMHB student from all others and serve as a lasting symbol of proud traditions. The UMHB ring is a visible, tangible manifestation of that ever-present bond between UMHB and its alumni.

Tori Pharris is crowned the 2018 Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor

Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor

The Pageant provides young women opportunities to gain confidence and poise and to develop friendships through competition. The pageant has evolved over the years into a one-evening student-led event. Classes, student organizations and residence halls select representatives and judges interview the contestants, listen to their platforms, and evaluate them on the group dance, individual talent and evening gown stroll. The winner is crowned Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor.

Photo of all of the contestants of Cru Knights 2017

Crusader Knights

The Class of 1994 held the first Crusader Knights in the Fall of 1993. It is a one-night, themed event for the men of UMHB. The competition includes a group opening number, short video-skits created by the participants showing their personality and talent, and the individuals walking in evening attire. The winner is dubbed Mr. Crusader Knight by the university president.

Photo of all of the contestants of Cru Knights 2017
Photo from Stunt Night 2017, students are dressed in Flintstone's costumes

Stunt Night

Stunt Night is a competition among the four classes that builds a bond between members and creates class spirit. It began in 1909 when George Rosborough, the physical education instructor, initiated Stunt Night to give the campus residents, who could not go home, an activity during the Christmas holidays. The Stunt Night committee selects a theme for the event, allowing the class directors time to prepare a skit and an original song. The winning class has the honor of decorating the Stunt Night blanket which is then displayed in the Musick Alumni Center and Museum for a year.

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