Missions Emphasis Week

MEW promotes global awareness, relationships, opportunities, and service. Come experience culture as you indulge in new foods and connect with missionaries to find out what is happening around the world and how you can be a part of it.

Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.

Photo of Habakkuk 1:5

Habakkuk 1:5

MEW Theme for 2021

During MEW, you'll have the chance to meet missionaries, learn global news, and widen your perspective of missions through:

  • Camp Out Kick-Off: Sunday, October 3rd at 9PM
  • Mission Chats: Tuesday-Thursday from 10AM-4PM
  • Mission Fair: Tuesday-Thursday from 10AM-2PM in Bawcom
    This fair will include all of our missionaries, international and national agencies, and local mission opportunities. This fair is a great time to visit with the missionaries and receive tangible ways to begin personally fulfilling the Great Commission, both locally and internationally.
  • Special MEW Events throughout the week
    • Coffee Shop: Monday, October 4th 7PM-9PM on King Street
    • Market Night: Tuesday, October 5th 7PM on King Street
    • Movie Night: Wednesday, October 6th at Crusader Stadium
    • World Hunger Dinner: Thursday, October 7th 7PM-9PM
  • Pop Up Events throughout week.
  • Chapel: Held in W.W. Walton Chapel at 10AM and 11AM on Wednesday.
  • Church Engagements: Missionaries will be at local churches for college services on Wednesday night.
  • Classrooms: Missionaries have been invited to speak in various classrooms.
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MEW Camp Out

Sunday | 9PM - 8AM | Luther Memorial

Come out for a time of worship, prayer, and fellowship under the stars as we kick off the week!

Lantern Festival

Missions Fair

Tuesday-Thursday | 10 am - 2pm | Bawcom Student Union

Come meet missionaries and learn about ways that they serve, countries where they have lived, and agencies that they work with.

India mission team

Coffee House

Monday| 7:00-9:00 PM | King Street

Come fellowship with missionaries over a cup of coffee or tea and live music!

India mission team
Market Night

Market Night

Tuesday | 7PM- 9PM | King Street

A taste of culture shared by missionaries from around the globe. Journey through the perspectives of those living sent and the places they've called home.

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Register for the week to receive a box full of culture and fun items to help you fully experience the week.

Contact the committee mew@mail.umhb.edu for more information on how to register.

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Movie Night

Wednesday | 9PM | Crusader Stadium

Join us to watch the Insanity of God and witness a first hand experience of a call to missions.

World Hunger Dinner

Thursday | 7PM-9PM | Mclane Great Hall

Together we are going to immerse ourselves and experience a fraction of what life is like for people around the world over a meal.

Sunset Closing

Friday | 8PM | Quad

Join us in celebrating what God has done, is doing, and is going to do through missions around the world as we close out the week.

Slow down

Slow Down

Tuesday-Thursday | 8AM-12PM | Quad

We live in a culture that tells us to speed up. This experience is designed to provide you ways to slow down through sharing your story with a friend, writing in a journal, painting, or just stopping to enjoy nature. Many cultures around the world take time to enjoy the simple things. May you embrace slowing down through this experience.

Got questions?

If you have questions about any MEW events or seminars or you would like to learn how to get more involved, contact the Global Outreach Office at globaloutreach@umhb.edu or (254) 295-5402.